A Standard Job

A series of typographic murals painted for Standard Chartered work space located at Bengaluru, India.

TEAM : Shreyansh Gupta, Prateek Bisht


Environment Design ///
Murals ///
Typography ///

Commercial Project • Standard Chartered + M Moser  Associates


Standard Chartered's workspace is located at RMZ Ecoworld, Bellandur, Bengaluru. Their 2 floor office is designed to be an amalgam style of corporate meets street. Their requirement for a series of typographic murals was inspired by vintage- rough and overlap treatment of print collages. A set of quotes were jotted down and each space was designated a type-play treatment adhering to the space's interior aesthetics and functionality.

Some of the designs contain a structure and confined shapes, whereas some showcase an independent typography flow.

The chosen quotes were a collection of motivating phrases and idioms painted at specific areas of the workspace to create a sense of play and irony.