An anamorphic Illusion game created at the platform of Cubbon park Metro Station, Bengaluru, India.

APRIL 2017

Environment Design ///
Branding ///
Art Direction ///
Installation ///
Thesis Project • Funded by Herman Miller


Chakraview is an anamorphic illusion game created on the platform of Cubbon Park Metro Station. The game has a basic agenda of completing a maze by following the designated path on the ground. The maze is distorted and disfigured into a circular shape, which makes it complex to comprehend and challenges the vision of the players. The maze can be deciphered if it is looked through ts reflection on the mirrored pole placed in the centre of the maze path.

Players have to navigate using the path they see on the mirror and follow through it in order to complete the game.
The game was branded in English and Kannada to cater the diverse population of Bengaluru.
Climbing down the stairs to the platform, the players enter the game regardless. The instructions are as simple as walking and hopping certain paths, and as complex as finding their way through the maze.