HP– Cafeteria

Typographic mural and guerilla installation created at the sector cafeteria of Hewlett-Packard’s workspace.


Environment Design ///
Murals ///
Typography ///
Installation ///

Commerical Project • Hewlett-Packard + Jones Lang LaSalle


Hewlett-Packard's innovative vision "keep reinventing" strives in their field of work. Their operational office space is located at the hub of business parks, at RMZ Ecospace, Bellandur, Bengaluru.
For their new sector cafeteria, two spaces were offered for environmental design, to enlighten and motivate the spirit of their work force. The approach was kept minimalistic and powerful adhering to the architecture and space design.

The typographic mural INSPIRE was hand painted on the first site. The chosen colour palette responds to HP's branding and visual treatment.

The second site was chosen for an installation paying homage to their printing assets. The CYMK-Wall is made of 80 ink cartridge boxes of Cyan, Magenta, Blue and Black.