Harivu Prime

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APRIL 2020

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Personal Project

ಹರಿವು // Harivu  
pronounced ( Ha-ri-vu) is a Kannada word for flow.

Harivu, is an independent single weight font designed in 2018 for Machani Group's real estate venture for luxury living called Svasa Homes. The typeface was inspired by Kannada script (A Dravidian language spoken predominantly in Karnataka, India), responding to their south Indian heritage and lineage. The custom typeface had a minimal usage for Svasa Homes' signage and limited brand collaterals.

Harivu Prime is a successor to Hairvu, a typeface designed from the same roots following Kannada's script, while adding more feasibility and a visual appeal. The typeface acknowledges it's Indian descent, using Kannada's curvy anatomy and uniform height, yet brings a modern touch with it's brutal character and sharp edges. Harivu Prime is a display typeface fit for large-scaled headings and short length texts. The typeface consist of a total of 264 Glyphs, including 24 ligatures and 10 letter/number specific variants.