Racanaa Energy

Brand and identity design to highlight Racanaa’s innovative solutions for energy consumption.


Branding ///
Graphic Design ///
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Commercial Project • Racanaa Innovative Sol. Pvt. Ltd.

Racanaa Energy believes in accountability. An innovative energy management system that creates a seamless experience of sustainable consumption. Their focus is not only procuring energy data but developing an economical and reliable solution. Their model ensures uninterrupted power to commercial establishments and providing visibility into capacity requirements and energy consumption patterns.

The brand identity finds it's calling in minimalism and power. The use of lightning and marble texture corresponds to its bold & corporate outlook. It ensues intently dramatic and powerful vocabulary to support its dark and fresh tone. The logo is a sharp and edgy adaptation of Racanaa's philosophy of creation and growth. The symbol for Alchemy was re-imagined into a streamlined structure for effect, reducing elements that breathe new life into the "Star" design, foreshadowing the "R" within.

In addition the brand identity, Racanaa's entire corporate profile, stationary set, tools and UI system configuration was redesigned to fit their new branding.