Xarpie Labs

Brand and Identity design for a visualization and simulation technology company that excels in creating solutions using digital reality.


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Commercial Project • Machani Group + Xarpie Labs


Xarpie Labs are partners who enable decision making by helping businesses visualise through virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. It offers a space where visualisations drives the experience to a sharp actuality unfolding the true potential that lies underneath. Xarpie Labs is tool that reveals and puts together the infinite grits, pushing and enlarging a final picture for understanding the true beauty of juxtaposition.

XARPIE means visualisation not limited to sight in Lojban, a constructed language designed for Linguistic Research. Lojban is proposed as an improved human-human speakable language for communication between people of different backgrounds, as a potential means of machine translation and to explore the intersection of human language and software.

Xarpie Lab's expertise lie in visualisation and simulation. Their identity and visual aspects were designed following neo-futurism movement to ensure its progressive profile.